Save water
Water is a precious and finite resource. In many parts of the world it is already becoming scarce. The idea of flushing perfectly reasonable drinking water down the toilet is thus becoming unthinkable.
Microflush toilets require small amount of water 1cup and therefore save a huge amount of water each and every use.
A four-person household using a regular toilet will flush around 95 litres of water down the toilet each day. That is about 35,000 litres per year PER HOUSEHOLD. Against Afour persons using microflush toilet with 2 litres per day will cost you only 736litres PER YEAR
The environmental benefits of using microflush toilet are astounding.
– Firstly, you are working to help protect ground water and surrounding lakes from excessive nutrients and polluting pathogens.
– Secondly, with every micro-flush, you are literally saving litres of water.
Protect ground water
Human waste is 90% water. And in regular flush toilets, all 90% of that polluted liquid ends up in the reserved area and half of it evaporates later we get rain to the earth and lakes. The excessive nutrients and pathogens this waste water contains leads to a build up of potassium and nitrogen in lakes, both of which foster weed growth and blue green algae development. Such growth absorbs the dissolved oxygen in the lake and eventually works to kill it. More local councils are refusing to allow the installation of septic systems due to the impact they have on the local environment even up to 50m away. Contaminated oysters are just one example of this effect.
Microflush toilet systems evaporate excess liquid (up to 2 litres per day per 4 persons) and diffuse it into the atmosphere, meaning no contaminated polluted water is released unnecessarily into our water supplies. What ever liquid that is not evaporated flows through an outlet drain into a small 2m x 0.4m x 0.4m gravel pit.allowing only 0.5 litres compared with a septic system which can allow seepage of up to 125L per person per day (sewerage mixed with all other grey water).


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