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Volunteer in Kenya Teaching Program

(throughout the year)

Volunteers on the teaching program in Kenya assist with the teaching of different subjects in Kenyan elementary and high schools.

Volunteer teachers can teach mathematics, science, geography, social sciences, history, business education, English, art and music.

Donato from Italy on the volunteering in Kenya teaching program

Our volunteers work in schools with students who come from very difficult economic circumstances or are orphans.

Please note that Kenyan school holidays are in April, August and November 15 – January 3rd. No school teaching will be available during that period.

Maasai Teaching Program

(throughout the year)

Masai volunteer work available includes teaching at both primary and secondary schools located in Masai areas of Ngong, Mai Mahiu and Oloitoktok. All children at the schools come from the Maasai tribe.

Maasai Volunteer Program - volunteering in Masai.

Subjects taught include English, Mathematics, Science, Christian Religious Education, Arts & Crafts, Music and Social Studies.

Volunteers amongst Maasai are also encouraged to use their initiative to come up with extra-curricular activities, sports and other learning activities.

Maasai Medical Program

(throughout the year)

Medical doctors, dentists, nurses, and other health professionals can work as volunteers in community clinics. They help increase access to healthcare and promote health education in the Maasai community.

Masai Volunteer Program Accommodation

(throughout the year)

Accommodation for volunteers is basic and at the Masai village (Manyatta). The volunteers have the opportunity to learn about Maasai people and Maasai culture. They also see Masai warriors in the community and in the Maasai villages (Manyattas).

Maasai Girls in a Masai Village

At the end of the volunteer period, volunteers will be able to relate to the issues that affect the Masai tribe of Africa.

Volunteers may also be able to visit the Masai Mara, interact with Masai warriors, Masai girls and Masai women.

Volunteers may also relate well with the white Masai movie and the book.

Volunteering amongst the Masai will help you build new skills and add balance and variety to your CV.

Kenya Masai Volunteer Program Accommodation

(throughout the year)

Accommodation for volunteers is basic and at the Masai village (Manyatta). The volunteers have the opportunity to learn about Maasai people and Maasai culture. They also see Masai warriors in the community and in the Maasai villages (Manyattas).

Living conditions on the Kenya Maasai volunteer program are basic. Masai home stays having no running water or electricity. The areas tend to be very dry but scenic.

Kenya Volunteers Project 57 Kenya Volunteers Project 61
Volunteer Accommodation in Maasai. (Maureen Pohoresky from Brantford, ON, Canada.) Maureen helps slaughter a goat at a Masai volunteer home stay.
Vesna Masai 1 Vesna Masai 2
Volunteer Kenya Accommodation: Vesna – Philadelphia, PA; USA. Vesna fetching water for her masai volunteer home stay

Volunteer in Kenya Program Locations

(throughout the year)

Kenya volunteer jobs are available in the cities of Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu. We also have volunteer work in Nyeri, Nanyuki, Matunda, Migori and Kakamega. More volunteer destinations are available with special arrangements.

Kenya Volunteer Program Schedule

(throughout the year)

You can volunteer for any duration and stay as long as you wish. You can arrive at any time during the month and the volunteer work starts the following day.

You will typically work between 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday. Your will spend your spare time shopping, eating out, cinemas, chatting with other volunteers or swimming.

You can also go scuba-diving and surfing if at the coast, skate on the ice-skating facility at the Panari Hotel, or simply take a day out to giraffe centre and ostrich farm in Nairobi.

Kenya Volunteer Program is open :

(throughout the year)

We invite individuals, couples, families, students, researchers, and groups (churches, colleges, and student associations).

Our programs are flexible and volunteers can arrive and depart on any day all year round.

  • The volunteer in Kenya costs you need to meet are: your flight to and from the country, visa fees, work permits, vaccinations, travel insurance, in-country transport and return trip to the airport.

    Advance Africa Volunteers house You will also need a weekly budget to cover your expenses like bottled water, personal costs, public transport, beverages and entertainment.

    Typical Living Arrangements: Advance Africa Volunteers’ house and home-stays.

Our Volunteer in Kenya Program Offers

  • Flexible schedule – arrive and depart on any day. Volunteer from as little as 1 week up to several months!
  • We have volunteers all year round. This gives you plenty of company to enjoy exciting travel adventure.
  • Some of our volunteer travel projects do not require specific skills. Everyone can participate regardless of age or gender. Other projects require particular skills, education or interest – these include internships and medical projects.
  • A safe and supported travel experience with 100% guaranteed airport pickup.
  • You will learn new things, have fun, experience a new culture, learn a new language, gain work experience, give something back, meet new people and make lifelong friendships with fellow volunteers from around the world and the locals you will live and work with during your stay with us.
  • You will also travel outside your comfort zone, try a different diet, change your daily routine and in the process, become much more aware of the developing world and understand poverty.

 microflush toilets Community development

(throughout the year)


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  1. this was the best organization the made me achieve my dream on march this year2011

    keep it up

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